All Stations To Go When You’re In Full Command

Is that a worrying sound you are hearing? Something not quite right with your engine as it were. But no matter. Perhaps you are merely lacking in some rather important appurtenances to go with your table top train set. And maybe you have high hopes of building upon that. And so you should. Nothing wrong with high ambition. It is certainly a worthy ideal when endeavoring to build the finest model train set this side of your town.

dcc command station

Who knows, you could be invited to the next presentation to give a take to the audience of avid hobbyists on how you built this fine village of yours. But not to get too far ahead. First take the first steps required for making progress. Ordering a custom built dcc command station could be a step in the right direction. And just what does this command station hope to achieve for you? Well, for starters, it allows you to be in full command of your table top train station and the rest of the railway network you have been building so painstakingly all these months.

Bit by bit. Piece by piece. One track at a time. One caboose at a time. And a new trail of fine cars for your beautiful green coal-fired engine to pull. But just one train station for now. Perhaps you only have space enough for that. But never you mind that. Let the enthusiasm for one of the most enduring of hobbies grow on you. It is hard to believe that this famous hobby practice is well over a hundred years old by now.

So, enough of the encouragement. Time to get back to work. Do you go for all stations? Or is it going to be an express network?