How to Transcribe

Sometimes, writing things down is preferable to listening to them, especially for business owners. Having a written record of a meeting or a written-out interview text can be very helpful for someone looking for a specific piece of data. Even the Justice League had a transcriber during their early adventures to help keep track of everything!

However, transcription isn’t as easy as one might think, and has its own special rules and needs special digital transcription equipment. That combined with the clarity of the conversation, the number and speed of the people talking, and your own typing speed can make a 5-minute interview feel like a 5-hour chore.

But despite this, transcription work is popular and has some tips and tricks to make it easier. For instance, using a pedal to control the tape is on is something that was done before technology advanced, but it is still worth doing today. The alternative is to switch between tabs and manage the tape by hand, which is rage inducing all its own.

It takes about three minutes to type out one minute of tape, and that’s if you are fast. Recording segments from a video, television, or the radio and then attempting to transcribe them while timing yourself is an excellent way to practice.

digital transcription equipment.

Also, take the time to learn the transcription rules, as there are special cases for dealing with words you can’t understand, natural pauses in the conversation, and several speakers talking at once or one after the other. Finally, manage your health and be sure to keep up good posture, and try to take a break every hour.

The art of transcription can be hard for some, tedious for others, and a good way to make some extra money for a select few. If you learn it, practice, and do it right, then it can make money for you too.